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Employment Law

Gerald has successfully represented clients in employment matters ranging from discrimination related to disability, age, race, nationality, and sex.
He has also represented clients in retaliatory actions related to worker’s compensation and whistle-blower claims.
He has recovered money on behalf of
clients from government employers and private companies who have engaged in unfair employment practices.

Whether you have been terminated or are currently employed in a position where you feel like you are being treated unfairly, this firm has the experience and expertise to evaluate your claim, assist you in filing a claim with the EEOC or state human rights agency, and represent you in the civil

prosecution of your claim against the company involved in the discriminatory action.
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Personal Injury

Gerald has recovered large sums of money on behalf of clients injured in automobile and trucking
collisions as well as those injured on commercial and residential property.
His success stories include:
• Policy limits on auto insurance claim related to a shooting incident where his client was struck by gunfire
• More than four times the damages of another client who was injured in an automobile collision.
• More than five times the damages recovered on behalf of a client who was attacked by a troubled co-worker


Gerald has represented clients in probate matters ranging from:
• Small estates
• Full estates
• Spouses Rights
• Tender Loving Care Actions
• Determination of Heirships
• Adversarial actions involving discovery of assets
• Removal of Appointments
• Guardianships
• Conservatorships

Estate Planning

Gerald strongly believes in the importance of estate planning and encourages everyone to schedule a consultation to discuss their affairs.
This firm offers a full range of estate planning services that fits all budgets ranging from simple wills, health care directives, durable power of attorneys and
Anyone who owns any property from stocks, bonds, real estate, automobiles or even an insurance policy should have an estate plan to avoid the need of your property passing through probate and possibly ending up in the possession of someone other than those you intend to benefit.
We all will die some day and it is our duty to ensure that our affairs are in order for our loved ones.