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Symptoms of a Burn Injury

A burn injury can be one of the most devastating injuries a person can sustain. Some of the most common causes of a burn injury include defective products, gas explosions, electrocution, work accidents, car fires, and defective smoke detectors. Generally, burn injuries fall into three categories, including:


  • First-degree burns
    Characterized as a minor burn affecting the outer layer of skin. Some symptoms include mild pain, peeling of skin, and possible discoloration.

  • Second-degree burns
    Both the outer layer and inner layer of skin are affected. As such, this burn can cause the skin to blister and become extremely sore and red.

  • Third-degree burns are the worst burns, causing damage to every layer of the skin (even reaching the bloodstream, major organs, and bones. Depending on the cause, this burn can cause the skin to look waxy and white, charred, dark brown, or raised and leathery.

If the burn is severe, the first step is to seek the necessary medical attention and begin recovering from the injury.


Potential Compensation For a Burn Injury

At G. Gray Law, our first objective is to gather the necessary materials to present a strong case. As such, we’ll gather and secure all relevant evidence from fire department reports, police reports, medical records and other reports created by your physician, and any other necessary pieces of evidence. We’ll also retain inspectors, electricians, and accident investigators to help establish both cause and fault in the accident. As part of our litigation strategy, our aim is to help you recover fair and comprehensive compensation for the injuries you suffered, including:

  • Economic damages:
    Medical expenses, future medical costs, rehabilitation expenses, compensation for the value of lost wages and possible diminished earning capacity.

  • Non-economic damages:
    Compensation for physical pain, mental anguish, and, if applicable, disfigurement.

  • Punitive damages:
    If the injury occurred due to reckless conduct, the court could award punitive damages to punish the wrongdoing and discourage others from acting in such a way.



Being the victim of a burn injury is a serious, terrifying experience, and it could result in a wide range of long-lasting issues. In addition to the emotional and physical suffering associated with a severe burn, this injury can generate extensive medical expenses,  expenses for therapy and/or psychological counseling, thousands of dollars in lost work (as well as a potential loss of future earning potential), and many other financial issues.

Whether the burn was caused by the negligence of others, a defective product, or a work accident, it is essential to seek the legal aid of a team of Kansas City burn attorneys who can help you recover damages for the personal injury inflicted upon you.

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