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Medical Malpractice – Battle of the Experts

Proving that a doctor, hospital or other medical professional committed malpractice requires proving that the doctor failed to meet the appropriate standard of care, and also that the malpractice caused the patient harm. Most often this requires obtaining expert medical testimony from another practitioner in the same field as the defendant. The defendants and their insurance companies, meanwhile, produce experts of their own to try to show that malpractice did not occur. This “battle of the experts” can become very confusing for a jury of laypersons who do not have medical training. The lawyers at G. Gray Law have the knowledge and experience necessary to understand the facts at issue and make sure they are presented to the jury in an easy to understand and compelling fashion. Not every negative medical outcome is due to malpractice; call our office for a free evaluation of your potential malpractice claim.


Legal Malpractice – The Case Within the Case

Clients who are dissatisfied with the outcome of their case may complain that their lawyer was not competent. Certainly, lawyers must perform their work diligently and take care not to miss any deadlines or fail to keep their client informed of settlement offers or other important information. Legal cases are often adversarial in nature, however, and they often result with one side feeling like they lost the case. This does not necessarily mean their lawyer committed malpractice. Proving malpractice requires proving the failure to meet the appropriate ethical standard or professional rule, and also proving that the outcome of the case would have been different if the lawyer had not committed malpractice. This means that the underlying matter must often be tried as part of the malpractice case to prove the outcome would have been different. As experienced courtroom litigators, the attorneys at G. Gray Law are well-prepared to litigate “the case within the case” as part of proving that harmful malpractice did in fact occur.

Holding Careless Professionals Accountable in Kansas City and Beyond

If you employed the services of a professional such as a doctor, lawyer, real estate agent, investment broker or accountant, and you believe you were harmed by their carelessness or incompetence, call G.Gray Law at (816) 888 3145  for a no-cost, confidential evaluation of your case.


Professional Negligence

Doctors, lawyers and other professionals owe a special duty to their patients, clients or customers. Because of their specialized, advanced knowledge and training, members of the public are forced to rely on the professional’s expertise and trust that they are exercising good judgment and performing their services competently.


Professional bodies also regulate themselves and hold their members to certain standards of competence, conduct, ethics and behavior. When professionals fail to perform to acceptable standards, the results can be disastrous. Proving professional negligence is no easy matter, but the attorneys at G. Gray Law in Kansas City are up to the task. Our dedicated and experienced litigators know what it takes to build and present a powerful case proving medical malpractice, legal malpractice or other professional negligence.

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