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Types of Injuries Causing Paralysis

In general, any type of impact, damage, or trauma to the brain or the spinal cord can severely affect the central nervous system. Injuries to the central nervous system, in turn, can cause paralysis and affect your ability to move certain parts of your body. The types of paralysis are commonly classified as follows:

  • Monoplegia affects only one limb

  • Diplegia affects two limbs bilaterally (e.g. both legs)

  • Hemiplegia affects one side of the body

  • Paraplegia affects the lower body

  • Quadriplegia affects all four limbs and the trunk

In any case, a paralytic syndrome may require a lifetime of a care, and in addition to the steep initial costs, the victim may need physical therapy, assistive devices, and other medical treatments.

Compensation for Nerve Damage and Paralysis

Due to the extensive and immensely costly medical needs, the financial impact of paralysis can be devastating for the injured person as well as his/her family. Therefore, if you were injured due to the irresponsibility and legal negligence of another person, you should be compensated for these numerous expenses through a personal injury lawsuit.

In most cases, compensation is tied to the degree of paralysis and/or the severity of the symptoms. Whether negotiating with insurance companies or pursuing a lawsuit in court, you and your personal injury attorney will need to be diligent and exceedingly clear about the costs of the injury in order to receive a fair compensation.



Paralysis can be one of the most frightening injuries. In addition to the prospect of permanent limited or reduced mobility, Missouri residents suffering from paralysis must also face innumerable medical expenses and may have to re-learn how to do basic tasks, such as completing essential chores, moving around, or adapting to various environments.

If paralyzed due to the negligent actions of another, such as in an automobile accident, workplace accident, or another avoidable incident, you can pursue the compensation you need from the insurance company or responsible party(s) to recover the expenses spent addressing your medical expenses and other needs.

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