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Preventable Amputations

When seeking justice for your amputation and/or loss of limb, perhaps the most important element of your case is proving fault for the incident. If you lost a limb while working, however, you should be eligible to receive workers’ compensation and, depending on the severity of the injury, disability benefits. In other situations, you’ll need to prove that without the actions caused by the other party(s) you would have never lost the limb.

For example, in a medical setting, a preventable amputation could have occurred due to medical malpractice (surgeon removed the wrong limb, doctor was mistaken in recommending amputation, or it was caused by an untreated infection due to neglect). Other situations that often result in a preventable amputation include traumatic incidents, such as serious automobile accidents, workplace or construction site accidents, industrial accidents, and so forth.

Possible Compensation

No matter the cause of amputation, the medical expenses and other associated financial losses can entirely deplete even modest wealth. If the amputation was caused by the fault and/or negligence of another, you should not have to suffer such dramatic consequences. At the Popham Law Firm, we will pursue full and fair compensation for the following damages associated with a preventable amputation, including:

  • Hospital, therapy, and any other expenses

  • Prosthetics and therapeutic expenses

  • Counseling and therapy for coping with the loss of a limb

  • Wages lost while recovering

  • Future lost income

  • Pain and suffering

  • … And any other damages



Losing a limb or a part of your body through amputation can be a terrifying, life-changing experience. Even losing a finger can have a significant impact on work, daily tasks, and a myriad of other elements in your life. Furthermore, with a limited ability to work, an amputation can have a major impact on the financial security of you and your family.

As such, if you’ve lost a limb in an accident at work or due to the fault of others, it’s essential to acquire the legal help of G. Gray Law - we are fully prepared to take on your amputation case and give it the diligent and aggressive legal representation it deserves.

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